Please contact me for bulk ordering pricing and full set pricing.

More stock on the way! In the meantime, if you have any specific requests, I can order most colors/rows of DCS within 3 business days. As well as most colors of DSA. Other profiles take longer as the vendors are further away.


Current Blank Stock –


White (SP WAN); 50 x 1u caps

Orange (SP OAZ): 4 x 1u caps
3 x 2.25 caps
3 x 2.75 caps

Blue (SP BCT): 18 x 1u caps
1 x 2u cap

Red (SP RAR): 18 x 1u caps
1 x 2u cap


White (WAN): 30 x R1 1u caps

Things are incredibly busy at my day job, please allow 2 weeks for completion of your order. Thank you!